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Boston, Real Estate, Igor Burlak

Igor Burlak

Your Trusted Real Estate Agent

Our Real Estate Services

Welcome to Igor Burlak's tailored real estate services, where artistic flair meets property expertise. Whether you're navigating the intricate process of buying or selling a home, Igor is your dedicated guide, infusing creativity and professionalism into every transaction.

Buyer Agent Services
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Home Selection

Igor's keen eye for space and design ensures a home that aligns with your unique vision. From cozy abodes to architectural gems, he curates options that resonate with your lifestyle.

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Strategic Negotiation

With a background in performance and discipline, Igor orchestrates negotiations to your advantage. Expect a seamless process as he navigates the complexities, always putting your interests at the forefront.

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Cultural Insight

Born in Tiraspol, Moldova, Igor brings a global perspective to your property search. Fluent in Russian and English, he transcends language barriers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

Selling Agent Services
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Striking Listing Presentation

Showcase your property in its best light with Igor's artistic touch. His background in photography and choreography enhances the visual appeal, making your home stand out in the market.

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Strategic Marketing

Igor implements a marketing strategy that goes beyond the ordinary. Leveraging his creative prowess, he crafts compelling narratives that resonate with potential buyers, creating a lasting impression.

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Dedicated Client Support

Detail-oriented and responsive, Igor is committed to providing top-notch client service. From market analysis to closing, he guides you through every step, ensuring a smooth and satisfying selling experience.

Boston, Real Estate, Igor Burlak

Meet Igor Burlak


Igor Burlak, a distinguished Realtor® with a unique blend of artistic flair and real estate expertise, brings a captivating background to the world of property transactions. A graduate of the School of American Ballet in New York City, Igor's profound appreciation for the arts, coupled with his understanding of movement and space, sets him apart in the real estate realm.

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Client Experiences

Igor is an amazing person who worked with me when looking for my new home. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for their new home, for he will do everything within his ability to make the experience as smooth as possible.


Igor was wonderful to work with! He guided us through our first home buying experience not only with tons of knowledge about the process of finding a house and making strong offers, but also with patience for our questions and support during the ups and downs of the process. He was very responsive and organized during our time of just looking at houses through closing. We would absolutely recommend Igor and are so thankful we had him in our corner!


Service Areas

Igor Burlak Realtor® is proud to serve clients in the following areas, bringing a unique blend of artistry and real estate expertise to each transaction

Newton, MA

Nestled in the heart of Massachusetts, Newton embodies a perfect blend of suburban charm and urban convenience. Igor Burlak is intimately familiar with this community, offering tailored real estate services to help you find or sell your home in Newton

Brookline, MA

A vibrant town with a rich cultural scene, Brookline is known for its tree-lined streets and diverse neighborhoods. Igor Burlak extends his real estate services to Brookline, ensuring you have a dedicated guide in navigating the dynamic Brookline real estate market.

Greater Boston

Beyond individual towns, Igor Burlak caters to the broader Greater Boston area. Whether you're looking for a new home or considering selling your property, Igor's expertise extends across this dynamic region.

Embark on your real estate journey with Igor Burlak, where local knowledge meets artistic insight. Whether you're exploring Newton, immersing yourself in Brookline, or venturing into the diverse neighborhoods of Greater Boston, Igor Burlak is here to make your real estate experience exceptional.

Contact Igor Burlak Realtor®

767 Beacon Street  
Newton, MA 02459

Cell: 347.683.8798
Office: 617.264.7900

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